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KC East Bay Family House

Team KC, in partnership with The Taylor Family Foundation (TTFF) and Kaiser Oakland, launched the KC East Bay Family House this week with their gift of $25,000 in honor of their daughter Korinne Croghan. Founded in 2009 by Matt and Dana Croghan, Team KC’s mission is to meet the immediate needs of pediatric cancer patients and the family that supports them.
Team KC was originally started as a way to encourage, educate, raise awareness, and keep friends and family informed with accurate information on Korrine Croghan’s treatment, progress and fight against Choriocarcinoma. Korrine was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma with a germ cell element which is a very rare type of ovarian cancer in teenage girls and inflicts less than 200 nationwide each year. Korinne was one of its youngest victims.
Each year, Team KC holds their annual SwimSTRONG event which raises money to support hundreds of cancer patients and their families at Kaiser Oakland. Through their partnership with The Taylor Family Foundation, Team KC is able to ensure that all funds and gifts go directly into a Team KC restricted account. Since 2009, the Team KC SwimSTRONG event has raised $264,777.59.
Team KC delivered the donation of $25,000.00 to the KC East Bay Family House as they met with Dr. Jorge Gutierrez at Kaiser Oakland this week. Dr. Gutierrez, Pediatric Critical Care
Kaiser Oakland, will be working closely with Matt and Dana Croghan to make Korrine’s dream of keeping families together during this difficult time a reality within the next two years.

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